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Biblical Distance Education Program

Landmark Christian Bible Institute

At Landmark Christian Bible Institute, we offer diverse biblical distance education programs to meet your learning needs. Whether you aim to deepen your biblical understanding, earn certificates, or pursue an Associate’s degree, we have the perfect option for you.

Program Options

Explore our program options and find the one that aligns with your goals:

Diploma Programs

Choose from Non-Degree or Degree options.

Certificate Program

Expand your biblical knowledge without pursuing a diploma.

Diploma Program

Earn a diploma with a minimum score 75% for each course completed.

Master Teacher Certification

Achieve this prestigious certification after completing eight courses successfully.

Associates in Biblical Studies

Complete 16 courses to earn this degree and explore further educational opportunities with an introduction to our affiliate Trinity College of the Bible.

Degree Courses

While we don't offer degree courses, our affiliate Trinity College of the Bible provides a wide range of degree programs.

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