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At LCBI, we understand that your choice of a biblical distance education program is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about nurturing your faith and growing spiritually. 


We offer compelling reasons for you to consider LCBI as your educational partner:

1: God's Word from an Orthodox, Conservative, Evangelistic Christian Worldview

At LCBI, we are committed to providing a biblical education rooted in orthodox Christian principles. Our approach is conservative, adhering to the fundamental values of Christianity. We believe in the transformative power of the Gospel and strive to offer a curriculum that reflects these beliefs.

2: Affordable Christian-Based Programs

We believe in making quality biblical education accessible to everyone. LCBI offers affordable programs designed to accommodate a wide range of budgets. We’re committed to ensuring that financial constraints do not stand in the way of your spiritual growth.

3: Flexible Courses - 100% Online

Juggling life’s responsibilities shouldn’t hinder your spiritual growth. LCBI’s fully online courses provide the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you are, seamlessly integrating biblical education into your busy life.

4: A Variety of Online Audio Lectures and Course Modules

Our curriculum is rich and diverse, offering a wide array of learning resources. Explore online audio lectures and course modules that cater to different learning styles. These resources provide depth and diversity in your biblical education, ensuring an enriching learning experience.

5: Ideal for Those Engaged in Urban Ministry

If you’re involved in urban ministry, LCBI is an ideal choice. Our programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this unique ministry setting. You’ll gain insights and practical tools to make a meaningful impact in your community.

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Our programs are affordable, flexible, and ideal for urban ministry. Enroll today for faith, knowledge, and growth.

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